Highclouds reviews and promotes "selfish"


Mysterious artist EVREMNIT (to be pronounced “every minute”) released a puzzling emotional track “Selfish” taken from his debut self-titled EP expected for this year.

Refusing to follow the pattern bridge-chorus, the artist takes us into an innovative journey. The experience is a complex physical discovery into pop, indie and R&B. His 5-track EP is currently in post-production with co-producer Paul Brymer and we are expecting a lot of this year.

source: http://www.highclouds.org/electronic-producer-evremnit-shared-mysterious-new-track-selfish/


"Selfish" Featured on Electric North's Weekly Roundup


Relative newcomers to the scene, EVREMNIT’s track Selfish has a real standout quality to it. There’s a solid trip-hop sound here, but with the addition of an eerie, dark ambient vibe and some seriously haunting vocals that make this less a song you listen to and more something you experience for four minutes and thirty five seconds.

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